With You For The Long Haul

An Approachable, Professional Defender On Your Side

With more than 25 years of experience and 100 jury trials under his belt, attorney Gregory L. Scott is ready to make a difference when representing any defendant. His indisputable track record of results reassures clients of the effectiveness of his defense strategies.

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Gregory L. Scott

Area judges and prosecutors are familiar with attorney Scott’s distinctive, confident demeanor as well as his vigorous argumentation on behalf of his clients. While he is a gentleman, he keeps his hat on in the courtroom to demonstrate that he is all business.

Ready To Take On Tough Cases

Many criminal defense attorneys make a living by taking on high volumes of common criminal cases, such as driving under the influence (DUI) defense. They sometimes seem to focus more on numbers than on their clients as individuals. One can only wonder if quantity matters more than quality in some cases.

At Scott Law Firm, on the other hand, clients receive personalized treatment even when they face allegations of extra challenging offenses involving allegations of murder, sex-related crimes and drug distribution. Our entire team works hard to ensure that clients receive the caliber of advocacy and support that they deserve.

An Early Defense May Be The Most Effective

Your case may be simply a rumor so far. You may have heard that a white collar crime or drug crime investigation is underway, although you have not yet been questioned or arrested. Some people are tempted to just “wait and see what happens” at this stage of things. However, attorney Scott knows from experience that the early stages of a case are the best times to bring an attorney on board.

Let attorney Scott’s experience work to your benefit. Maximize your chances of a successful defense by consulting with an accomplished defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. Call us at 509-574-0991 or complete our online inquiry form to start the conversation.